MPN Advocates Network

The global MPN Advocates Network (MPNAN) was founded by patients from the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The MPN Advocates Network’s immediate goal is to increase the international scope of the organisation by contacting MPN patient groups in other countries and inviting them to become part of the network. The initial focus will be groups in Europe, but the intention is to be a worldwide organisation.

The MPN Advocates Network hosts an annual “MPN Horizons”, the international conference for MPN patient advocacy leaders. We aim at educating patient advocates, building patient groups’ capacity, implementing advocacy initiatives with a real impact in the countries and finally enforcing cooperation in the global “MPN Advocates Network”.

A Steering Committee within the Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation carries all responsibility to run the MPN Advocates Network.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Werner Zinkand, Chairperson
    MPN-Netzwerk, Germany
  • Felice Bombaci, Treasurer
    Gruppo AIL Pazienti LMC, Italy
  • Lyat Granati Espinosa, Committee Member
    Max Foundation, Chile
  • Jon Mathias, Committee Member
    MPN Voice, UK
  • Giora Sharf, Committee Member
    LePAF Representative and Israeli Flute of Light Patients Organization, Israel
  • Dražen Vincek, Committee Member
    Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (HULL), Croatia
  • Kapila Viges, Committee Member
    MPN Research Foundation, USA
  • Ken Young, Committee Member
    MPN Alliance, Australia
  • Viji Venkatesh, Committee Member
    Friends of Max , India

The Steering Committee of the MPN Advocates Network is supported by the Network Manager Marija Stefkova

For more information, please visit the MPN Advocates Network website.